Our first single single « Higher Fire » will be out on May 9th 2019! Karo has always been into songs about love and relationships. But as they tend to be Pop songs, she felt the need to add something more violent to the recipe. Romeo and Juliet, Courtney Love’s angsty poetry and intense nordic Metal music inspired her to write a song about that One Love that sets the air on fire and burns your lungs at every breath. A passionate inferno of desire and bliss that Vincent brought to life with his pounding beats. The Musicvideo is a tribute to the beautiful 90ties collages that inspire us.
SUN is a two-piece made in Paris (fr) and Karlsruhe (ger).
We played our first gig at the infamous ROCK EN SEINE Festival, and The Great Escape in Brighton on May 10 & 11 2019.
Vocals/Guitar – Karoline Rose
Drums – Vincent Kreyder
SUN work with Because Publishing

Booking: Romain / The Link Prod romain(at)thelinkprod.fr
Management: Bassem bassembassem(at)hotmail.fr
SUN is produced by Dan Lévy.

More information on our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SUN.THE.METAL.BAND